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We Make Complicated Crypto Products Simple For You

Do you know how to make money with Lending, Trading, Arbitrage, Options, etc.? We do. You just choose the plan which fits your needs and we do the rest.

Multi-Device Support gives you Flexibility and makes it Easy for you to Track What's Going On









How DO I GET Started?


Give Us Information

Get Approved

By Our Compliance Team


With Our Trading Team

Have Access

To The World Class Platform

Quanting and OTC is not as complex as it seems.

OnBoard With Us

Go Through Our KYC/KYB Process

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Tell Us Your Goals

Fill Out A Questionnaire

Let Us Do Portfolio Evaluation For You

Have An Interview With Our Experts


Listen to Our Experts

Our Experts will offer you portfolios based on your goals and needs.

We get paid on performance, not promises.

No Hidden Fees, No Hassle, Cancel Anytime.

CCFM is different
than any investment house

CCFM Group is a leading investment house, offering a broad portfolio of financial products through a secure and powerful platform, to traders across the globe.

We offer asset management of your Crypto portfolio connecting with our high class AI ALGO, which does all the rest for you with your desired risk management.

CCFM Group is providing with the best execution practices through dedicated traders, remaining focused and thorough during the whole process.

Algo Trading

Let us connect you with the best Quants in the world, we have options for clients every size.

Liquidity Pooling

Join our liquidity pool and take advantage of our vast network of market takers and markers.


Our OTC desk offers our clients with quick access to capital built on the relationships we have developed over the years.

Bitcoin Lending

Do you want to earn money from Bitcoin? 

Lend out your Bitcoin on exchange for interest.

Bitcoin Mining

Through our highest network connections we give solutions for miners in Asia and Eastern Europe.


We have through the years established the highest level of connections top exchanges. We offer our PRO portfolios to participate in high-end deals exclusively. 

Let your Crypto work for you

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