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Senior housing

One way to pad your retirement fund or make some money in the meantime might include investing in senior living. Today’s senior housing market is an incredibly promising one; maybe you should consider investing in senior living.

Risks exist

Obviously, some risks need to be considered. In 2018, construction activity, economic changes, acquisition competition , development and operations costs, increasing interest rates and regulation changes were the primary concerns in the field of senior living investments.

How to avoid the pitfalls?

First of all, you need to understand the sector. Part healthcare, part commercial real estate, part impact investment - there are lots of moving parts that make senior housing complex.

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Secondly, don't bet it all in one community. Diversification is the key, essential for any kind of investment.

And last but not least

And last but not least, trust market trends. Relying solely on averages will get you at best average results. Market statistics pulled for senior housing are an amalgamation of data from across the country, in many different senior housing segments.

So, should you invest?

So, should you invest? Don't forget that these are long-term investments. . By investing in broad funds that focus on senior living in general, you can turn your investment into something long term that you can pay into throughout your life — and get returns from during your investment period.

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