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Lets be Realistic

We have to face reality of today and one of the biggest scenarios which we are afraid of is that we will lose our jobs. When we had our meetings we had a great laugh, while being open to any investments with a nice smile to whomever presented it to us. We are seeing now one of those times in which uncertainty has taken a hold of governing over from reality. We are seeing people that enter the panic zone and sell all of their assets because they panic.

If we will study and dig more we will see that some big researches who are in the position to know are inclined to withhold the facts to prevent that panic.
The downside of doing that is that it will undermine their credibility at a time when them having credibility is most important and people will not do the preparation that they should do because of the misinformation. While I think they should make the disclosures, I think that’s a close call.

Then we have the fake news who try to incite panic for their own benefits. They range from individuals on social media to writers and big names for prominent publications who feed sensationalism. As a result people of operating in this way, it is nearly impossible to know what is true. So the question is, whom do we trust in this situation?

Trust is the key to success in everything, without it its almost impossible to survive in anything, succeed and sustain. Thats why I am so glad right now, if you had taken your time to read this, and arrived to this blog, that means you either trust me or want to trust, and I can only say one thing, thank you for the opportunity.

Looking forward to going on this journey together with you, hopefully we will come out of it at a better position than we are now, while going into it.

The selloff happened due to a mixture of a few things which we have seen, we have had an overpriced equity/stock market which not many believed in anymore. Some were saying that the Corona made investors realise that toilet paper is more valuable then any major stocks ,true? Investors realised that in order to stack up on household/groceries essentials, they need cash, so anything to turn into cash was turned. Crypto was one of the first that went on liquidation, because its the easiest thing to turn into cash during this times even.

One of the biggest concerns we have seen in the crypto is the fact that holding bitcoin and converting into cash was not an easy thing before a few years. It actually was so complicated back then that this is the reason why we have seen such a big bullrun back then. Therefor 2 years ago we have seen many companies doing ICO and specialising in FIAT-BTC and VS conversions. One of the big things between those companies is of course the speed of delivery and most of them created systems which allowed anyone to convert BTC into FIAT a lot faster then real estate brokers allowing commodities or equity stock to be converted. So now we have some understanding what the real selloff is all about and how markets react and how we can sense the market. Once we will really understand and know the real tango between Crypto and Panic with reaction to price then we could discuss how to properly implement trading strategies and allocations in the markets.

Mike Claussen

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