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An interesting month ahead of us

Currently trading in a narrow range, very soon we will be breaking out from the range, however, the risk is relatively high to break towards the downside. BTC is offering great support at 8900 and 9000 psychological levels respectively. We do believe that there is not much appetite to keep BTC at higher levels near $10,000 for now, we must either get a confirmation at $8500 or $9700 to break for either strong direction.

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Economic situation March 30 2020

Dear Readers,

Not easy times ahead of us as the whole world is in quarantine and have no real mood to open their accounts and look up their investments. I am currently writing from my home office as everyone, and managing everything from our homes.The big question we are all asking ourselves nowadays, how much more time are we going to sit home and watch this depressing news of the virus spreading everywhere. The only good news we see is that many countries took serious action and ordered all citizens to enter quarantine or a complete shut down like India , which is very wise decision. What I would like to bring up is that remember dear readers every recession or depression is possible to overcome and smart money are sitting and calculating all of their steps during this critical times and preparing to make big money in the coming months. Central banks are showing their power by injecting more and more stimulus , will it help?

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How are we going to defeat the Corona virus?

Extremely stressed markets and investors rushing to exit through an increasingly smaller door have contributed mightily to the recent wild swings in stocks worldwide. It’s a highly disruptive phase that will pass, though not without collateral damage. But it is being underpinned by an underlying dynamic that is more critical both in the immediate and longer term. It involves a race between, in one lane, the coronavirus shutting down the global economy while also spreading fear and uncertainty and, in the other lane, the economic and financial policy responses. Policies will ultimately prevail, but the means and the timing will determine what the subsequent landscape looks like. Everyone, from governments to companies to households to investors, can do their part to achieve a better outcome.

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Lets be Realistic

We have to face reality of today and one of the biggest scenarios which we are afraid of is that we will lose our jobs. When we had our meetings we had a great laugh, while being open to any investments with a nice smile to whomever presented it to us. We are seeing now one of those times in which uncertainty has taken a hold of governing over from reality. We are seeing people that enter the panic zone and sell all of their assets because they panic.

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