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Crypto Capital Financial Markets

CCFM or in other words Crypto Capital For Masses is the next generation investment house, which is on the mission to make complicated investment products simply and accessible to average investors. 

Founder of the company Phillip Leray is former UBS Managing Director for Benelux. He initially started CCFM in 2017 to provide alternative investments for hedge funds and family offices in Zurich area. CCFM was the first regulated investment company to offer Crypto, Cannabis, Forex and Markets access all in one simple and accessible platform. In 2019 The company saw tremendous growth in its Crypto and Liquidity business, therefore divesting away from Cannabis and Forex and concentrating solely on Crypto Capital and Financial Markets products.

CCFM Zurich provides market research and liquidity to many exchanges, OTC platforms, and algo trading companies. CCFM London, Dubai and Hong Kong concentrate on using our infrastructure and offer the best suitable investment products to retail clients worldwide.


What We Do

We offer liquidity to cryptocurrency markets, providing our clients with institutional access to the Cryptocurrency markets. We have established high relationships with top tier OTC providers, banks, well reputable crypto exchanges. Our expertise is giving our clients unlimited daily transactions, research from our top notch team with data of the markets and actively following the block trade of the markets. CCFM providing with the best execution practices through dedicated traders, remaining focused and thorough during the whole process.

We offer asset management of your Crypto portfolio with making sure for you not to miss out any opportunity the market gives us. Markets have been changing constantly therefore we have developed our high class A.I Algo, which we connect to your portfolio and does all the rest for you with your desired risk management.

Meet our team
People behind our success

Philip Leray

CEO & Founder 


Mike Claussen

Managing Director London


Gabriel Khatib

Managing Director Dubai


Let your Crypto work for you